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Service Process

Payment Mechanism

After obtaining orders payment of a premium in the form of a Memorandum of Pacific Insurance Debit (Debit Note), you can make premium payments through:

1. Cash or Credit Card by coming directly to our nearest service office.
2. Transfer via ATM to the account of PT. Pan Pacific Insurance are listed on the Memorandum of Understanding Debit (Debit Note).
3. Deposit cash or via bank transfer to the account specified on the Pacific Insurance Memorandum Debit (Debit Note).

When filling in a cash deposit or bank transfer form, please ensure that the following information is accurate:

  1. Name of company: PT. Pan Pacific Inssurance
  2. Name of bank.
  3. Bank account number of the branch issuing the policy, as stated in the Debit Note.
  4. Amount of premium being paid, including administration fees.
  5. Message containing your policy number:

Example: Payment of premium for policy no. 01022111050023 in the name of Bagas, telephone 021 824 67853

Payment Confirmation

For payments made by cash or deposit, confirm that the payment has been received, in one of these ways:

1. Telephone
Phone the branch that issued the policy or Panfic Care Center 24 Hour (021) 8098000 , stating the policy number and the amount of premium you have paid.

2. Email
Send payment confirmation by email to with subject: Payment of premium No. xxxxxx

  • Customer name and phone number to call (example: Bagas / 021 824 67853).
  • No. Polis (example: 01022111050023).
  • The amount of premiums paid and its currency (eg USD. 6.23 million).
  • Date, Month and Year of the payment is made (example: May 15, 2010)
  • Name of the payee bank.
  • No. PT Pan Pacific Insurance account in question.

3. Website
Confirm by filling out the form in full confirmation of payment in accordance with the guidance provided.


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